Big Sky, MT Map of Restaurants, Businesses, and More

This interactive map search tool shows the location of Fox Run Lodge and myriad local Big Sky conveniences with Google+ local listings. This is a live map of current establishments in Big Sky.

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By default, this map shows Big Sky restaurants (many also have star ratings), but you may search for other business types.
Select from available business types by using the Type selection box, below.
Big Sky businesses of that type with a Google+ listing will be displayed if any exist.
For more information about that business, click on any placemarker or business name returned.
Zooming in on the map (two quick left clicks on the map zooms in one step; right clicks zoom out) shows ski lift locations, and further zoom in clearly shows ski run locations.
Panning (dragging) the map executes a new search within the new map boundaries displayed.
If you’re looking for current snow conditions, click to the Big Sky snow report or check the Big Sky Resort web cams.

The drop-down Type selection box below offers many types of establishments to search on!
If you’re not finding any Museums, for instance, try zooming out (two quick right clicks will zoom out one step).
Click to learn more about Big Sky on this site, on Wikipedia, or on Google Earth on your computer or mobile device.

We hope you Like this interactive map of Big Sky!

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